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Starting Your Own Chapter

We want you to create your own socially and environmentally conscious films too! Start a Films With A Cause club at your school today!

Learning how to create videos is a great skill to have in our media crazed society. It’s important that you can express yourself and create content that reflects your experiences and those of others. We’d like to help you release your films for the world to see.

From elementary schools to high schools and colleges/universities, we’re encouraging you to create films for our docu-series and our film library. Here’s our step by step guide to starting your own Films With A Cause club at your school.

How to Navigate the Film Library

Films With A Cause is a platform for filmmakers and social justice advocates to submit ideas and films with content that reflects the unique stories that our society tends to ignore. From environmental issues to human rights topics, our organization is constantly looking to shed light on difficult subject matter through inspiring and motivational ways. Our expanding film library consists of content produced under Films With A Cause that you can interact with.

We’ll be happy to help you create your own content after you’ve shown us your efforts, provide you with volunteer hours or facilitate a filmmaking workshop at a place of your choosing. Start exploring our film library today!