Step By Step Guide – Your Own Chapter

Starting Your Own Chapter:

  1. Send a letter to your principal or arrange a meeting with a person responsible for facilitating clubs at your institution
  2. Set up a filmmaking workshop with our team to visit your school or if an expert student is willing to teach, we can provide a workshop kit
  3. Promote your Films With A Cause club to your school community through flyers, social media accounts and by word of mouth
  4. Pick a day of the week to hold a meeting and if necessary, make sure a facilitator is present for younger participants
  5. Vote on one topic you would like your club to focus on every month or every semester/term. Some examples can be found here:
    1. Homelessness
    2. Consumerism
    3. History of mistreated populations
    4. Littering
    5. Racism
    6. Loss of tropical rainforests
    7. Islamophobia
    8. Deforestation
    9. Animal Protection
    10. Homophobia/ LGBTQ+ community
    11. Unemployed People
    12. Wildlife Conservation
    13. Misrepresented or underrepresented populations in media
    14. Water Pollution
    15. Immigrants, Refugees, and Migrants
    16. Air Pollution
    17. Victims of Human Trafficking
    18. Developmentally Delayed/Physically Disabled/Mentally Ill People
    19. Incarcerated People 
  6. Delegate tasks for different positions. Here are some examples:
    1. President (Communicates to us and works out administration)
    2. Marketing Director
    3. Script Writer/Creative Director
    4. Equipment Expert
  7. Create a timeline for each of your projects and a goal for each. After a project is finished, send to us for edits and we can help you distribute your work! You may even win prizes at film festivals! We’d also like to see at least one effort to make a difference on the topic you selected.