In the Media

The Innis Herald

“On March 12th, 2019, the short documentary From Syria to Hope premiered at Innis Town Hall. The film, which was directed by third year Innis student Yazmeen Kanji looks inside the lives of three Syrian refugee families living in the Greater Toronto Area. The film intends to combat the xenophobia and Islamophobia that has been increasing in the media as more Syrian refugees move to Canada. Click to read Yazmeen’s interview with the Innis Herald.

Her Campus @ University of Toronto

March 2018 – “Films With A Cause aims to not only raise awareness on important issues both locally and globally but also to address these topics with possible solutions. I believe that films can bring important issues to light, leading to the implementation of changes within social institutions. When the circumstances of others are taken into personal consideration by large masses of people, change becomes increasingly achievable.” Click to read Yazmeen’s interview with Her Campus.

Women Advocating for Change

February 2019- “Yazmeen-she’s a young director, and a third year undergraduate student at UofT, pursuing a double major in Equity Studies and Peace, Conflict and Justice, with a minor in Cinema studies. She has spent the last year and a half working on a documentary entitled From Syria to Hope.” Click to read Yazmeen’s interview with Women Advocating for Change.

Let the Quran Speak

November 2019 – Yazmeen Kanji, Founder and Creative Director of Films with a Cause, was on Let the Quran Speak to discuss her film, “From Syria to Hope”, which follows three Syrian families who came to Canada as refugees, and to talk about the power of filmmaking. Click here to view Yazmeen’s complete interview!