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From Syria to Hope (2019)

The film explores the lives of three Syrian families who arrived to Canada under refugee status. Each family lives in the Greater Toronto Area and has a unique story. awarded Best Short Documentary at the 2019 Toronto Short Film Festival, From Syria To Hope is an official Films With A Cause documentary made in collaboration with York Region Muslims, directed by Yazmeen Kanji. Contribute to the efforts of York Region Muslims:


Stories of Spirit Ep 1 (2019)

Ylana is an artist and librarian from Venezuela who discusses the importance of cultural community for migrants in Canada. She reflects on the challenges of adapting to new environments alone. This episode was created with limited resources and screened at the 2020 event, Intersections of Film and Activism. View and purchase Ylana's stunning art:

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Stories of Spirit Ep 2 (2020)

Muhib was featured in From Syria To Hope (2019) where he expressed interest in opening a barbershop that combines psychotherapy with barber services. Muhib is on his way to achieving that dream as he has reached his goal in opening a barbershop, in his name, in Scarborough. After fleeing Syria in 2016, he has established a new life for himself that he is proud of. See his work and contribute to his business:

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With Love from Munera (2020)

A young storyteller, Munera Yusuf, walks us through the spaces that have shaped her journey of healing from the traumas of her past. Her high spirited personality easily captures attention as she reveals the importance of self-awareness through life’s unforeseeable changes. With Love From Munera is currently in post-production and is set to premiere at the 2020 Inside Out Film Festival. This short doc is a Films With A Cause collaboration with Inside Out. Contribute to their efforts for creating safe spaces and promoting positive representation: